As I said earlier, I’m working on an online video course for iOS developers.  After covering the basics of the 30,000 ft. view, a quick Hello World app, an XCode tour and a short “Objective-C for C# and Java developers”, I’m on to exploring all the built-in controls.

When you’re writing apps, at least for me, I’ve found that I learn exactly what I need to know to do the job which means “not everything.”   For example, as I was exploring UIButton, I found out that you can either have a background image (which stretches) and/or an image next to the caption (which doesn’t).

I also discovered you can have a background image AND the text caption together.

The longer I work at being a teacher of technology, the more I appreciate all the hard work the teachers I’ve been blessed with over the years put in to make it look so easy!  Thank you all.