It's been far too long since I've blogged and probably few people read this feed anymore.  Time to share some lessons learned and journeys taken!


First, I'm now officially a teacher... of sorts.  Last spring I recorded my first online training course, Windows Phone SDK Essential Training for the Online Training Library.

If you're new to Windows Phone, check it out.  It's a pragmatic step-by-step class in how to build 4 useful Windows Phone apps.

Today, I started recording my next course.  The topic is still under NDA but I can say that it will appeal to a much wider audience: everyone who creates digital assets.

I'm also in the progress of negotiating a contract to create another SDK-focused course for a different online library which I plan to complete in December... this year.


Since I left Microsoft, I've been building Macintosh desktop apps, created more iPhone/iPad apps, with the latest, NoteZtoSelf, just available in the App Store and more to come before the end of this year.

I've also created some cross-platform hybrid native/web apps for a big name in retailing (can't say who quite yet) and helped a cutting edge museum upgrade its video capture system (can you say Fun with DirectX Filter Graphs?)

Ok, time to get back to work as "teaching" an online course is a give-and-take between recording and tweaking content day-by-day and I've got to get ready for tomorrow's session!